Tuesday, March 19, 2013

avast! internet security 8

Hi friends if you are using avast! antivirus then you should have known about the new version 8 and all the new features.But here is my experience with avast! internet security 8 which keeps me secure from all the viruses and other pesky things .........


The installation was zippy and easy.The single click installation keeps it easy for novice users while the advanced user can select custom install which provides full control over what's going to be installed.
The installation took just 3 minutes which is one of the fastest.After installation a quick scan was carried out which ensures the computer is clean.

User interface ( UI )

First let me talk about the user interface.You can see that everything is well organised and looks pretty modern and touch friendly.The settings are accessible from the top right corner where advanced users will find more options which provides granular control over the program.

Clicking on the scan button triggers quick scan immediately but you can change it to automatically trigger full scan when you click scan on the home tab.Other important features are also accessible form the home tab.
The features will be described later on this post.But for the UI part, avast! internet security steals me heart.It looks fantastic and easy on eyes.


avast! is well known for innovating new technologies for protection and version 8 does the same with a bunch of features but all of them to protect from all.The different shields keep you away from all the threats while the additional features like sandbox,Safezone,webrep,firewall,adblock,browser clean up and software updater give you the confidence of security.

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 The software updater in internet security automatically download's the update and installs in the background.
The user has only thing to do that is to click the fix button and viola within some minutes avast! internet security updates it.A great feature to avoid outdated software's in the pc also it helps your pc to avoid security problems
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The Safezone provides a new virtual desktop where you can bank or do sensitive things safely.It also protects user's data from keyloggers.It is a virtual place with a browser made from the open source chromium project.
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 The firewall keeps it simple and remains silent after the first popup.It allows advanced users to tweak the settings.The best part of the firewall is that it never show any pop ups and it auto-decides using the white list from avast!.
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The browser clean up is a new feature version 8.It comes bundled with all the versions of avast!.It is one of the nice features from avast!.It removes the most stubborn toolbars,addons and extension which can not be removed manually.It does not remove the good addons like adblock,WOT etc...


avast! internet security provides top tier security.It is also awarded regularly by the leading testers.
So avast! internet security is one of the best antivirus.I recommend it personally.It has very nice UI and has got many features to protect you.

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