Sunday, March 17, 2013

Speed up your web browser :Getting the best of the web.

Have you ever wondered why your browser loads web pages very slowly.Here are some ways to improve the performance of your web browser..

The latest browser always shines !
Your browser was speedy on the old days but later started to loose it's speed and becomes unresponsive regularly then you may be using a outdated browser or it's high time since you updated your browser . Updating the most current version of the browser not only provides increase in speed, also gives you new features and a more secure web.

Less extensions Less hassles .
Extensions are the small piece of software which lives inside the browser which can add new features to your browser but unfortunately extensions have the habit of decreasing your browser's performance.So remember to remove the unused extensions and if possible at least disable them.After this step you will find your browser starting up faster and will be more responsive and will gear the web and make it faster.

Your computer, it's the heart.Keep it clean 
Your computer is the place where you see the web.Your computer should be kept up to date with latest patches and updates.Clean the junk files which will slowdown the computer and and also the browser.Use a tool like CCleaner to do this.You can also remove the old and broken registry keys.Keep your antivirus program updated
Still suffering with your browser.Then it's time to change.
If your current browser is still slow after doing the steps above then your browser is the culprit.So it's time to change to a better web browser like Chrome,Firefox,Opera.

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