Saturday, March 16, 2013

The innovative Browsers

Today’s browsers are more faster,simpler and feature packed...The old days are gone when we used to see website as simple HTML page.. Today’s browsers emphasize on security,speed and simplicity of the browser..

They all provide high quality features...Some of them even come with the support for HTML5 for the future web.
But who is in the top spot in innovating new features.Here is the result after a small research on browsers....

The major browsers 

Google chrome
Google has made it’s best out of the chrome browser which is based on the open source technology of Chromium.Google Chrome keeps it simple and has a bunch of features to gear the web forward.. They have been introducing something new and useful from the launch of the browser..This browser tops most of the benchmarks thrown to modern browsers.Excels in speed,simplicity and it’s UI seems simple and uncluttered which makes this browser easy to use for even novice users.While the advanced users can also use this masterpiece to their work.....

Opera has long stood all over these years and still survives in the modern world with it’s Modern and simple UI.Opera has been innovative in all the ways possible.It supports the latest web standards.Opera is one of the most experienced browser in the world.It has been there on the web before Mozilla !!!.The latest incarnation of this browser is fast,simple and light with chock full of features.It has been moving the web forward yet Chrome seems more faster and simpler.

Mozilla firefox
Mozilla firefox is one of the fastest browsers on the earth with features which will make you fall in love with it.For instance it’s customizable UI with themes and millions of addons make it most powerful browser on the world.The gecko engine is fast and snappy.Mozilla have put all their efforts to keep their browser current and updated.They support modern technology and seems they are also working on a sleek browser for the future too.Yet this browser’s instability is been a big problem because people load it with lots addons which makes your browser a bit slow and hard in the corners.They should cut down the memory usage of this browser.In other words it is an awesome browser.

Microsoft Internet explorer
Last but not the least this browser has been living for decades with us and Windows.The default browser of Windows doesn’t seem to give with it’s latest browser.Internet explorer 9 changed it all from the boot to load the website.And now Internet explorer 10 has taken it’s advantages and improved practically everything.This browser is simple and modern too. It’s security features are the best of all browser if kept up-to date.With more than 90% of malware blocked by it’s own without the need of a antivirus program.It is fast and lovely.But we get a major update very rarely and late.This makes this browser to sit at the last bench.The security vulnerabilities make it more problematic....

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