Sunday, April 7, 2013

AV-TEST report released

You have an antivirus which is meant to keep you far away from threats while most of the leading vendors do this very well but sometimes your antivirus might let in a virus and that's the reason why independent labs conduct tests which ensures that antivirus remains constant and improving always. AV-TEST is one of the reputable av testers around the globe and they have released the first report for this year. The test was carried under Windows 8 64 bit and all the products tested was given certification as they received the minimum score of 10 of 16.

On the top of the result are Bitdefender which scored 17 while Bullguard and Kaspersky managed 16.5 and 16 points respectively. While other antivirus mostly managed to score 15 and 15.5.The in-built Windows defender was used as the baseline for the test which received a low 11.5 points yet two of the antivirus vendors, Comodo and Ahnlab which scored a very low 10 points.
See the complete report here .

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