Monday, April 1, 2013


You own a pc which is meant to be fast all over the time.Boot up fast and get the webpage fast and open your HD videos without wasting time but overtime your computer gets bogged down by junk files.So you have to remove them to make your pc remain fast.Doing it manually is pretty complicated so here is small software to remove the junk files and also the old and useless registries.


Ccleaner is a small software designed to remove the junk of your pc as well as to remove the unneeded ballast off your registry. It is a very simple to use and the setup is very small just about 4MB.yet it is a powerful tool which can instantaneously speed up your computer.

Download Ccleaner from here     >>DOWNLOAD<<

1)Click on analyze, then click run cleaner.

2) Go to registry tab and click scan and then click fix selected issues.It will ask if you want to create backup of the registries.I recommend to do so because if anything goes wrong then you can easily restore it.

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