Thursday, April 25, 2013

Creating a system repair disk in Windows

You may screw up your computer at sometime, may be due to a virus or a deletion of registry ......Whatever it is you try to restore your computer but still the problem persists and you think of re-installing Windows.. But before taking that time consuming decision, you can better make a system repair disk now and use it when the problems come..

A system repair disk completely takes your copy Windows and all the programs you installed it. It will turn helpful when your computer is not working properly. The system recovery disk is bootable so you can restore your pc straight from the boot. This a really useful feature in Windows.
Things you need
 Windows 7  or higher.
 Some patience ;)

Here are the instructions to create it :- (Windows 7)

1) Go to start and search "create a system repair disk". An dialog box like this will appear

2) Insert a DVD/CD and select it and click create disk. And it will take sometime to complete. And that's it .
Now you can use this disk to repair your computer whenever your computer goes down due to a problem.

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