Friday, May 31, 2013

A small trick for Google chrome in Modern UI

If you are using Google chrome in modern UI,then you will be bored with the black background behind the tabs.A good news is that you can change it by changing your Chrome theme .. Go to chrome webstore and select a theme you would like to have and install it,that's it. You are no longer stuck with the black chrome in Modern UI ..

This may or may not work with other Chromium based browsers!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best free photo and video editing apps for Windows 8

We come across a lot of situation where we want to edit a photo or a video and make it look awesome.In Windows 8 you can do this with two simple yet powerful apps.These are available for free in Windows store

Fotor - A great photo editing app with basic effects in modern UI. It has got some beautiful effects and you can do all the basic photo editing with this small app !!

ArcSoft Showbiz - It is very simple to use modern UI based app which can be used to edit videos.It has multiple effects and you can add your own sound track and add some words to it and it has a lot more to offer !!

Windows 8.1 gets the Start button and more !

Microsoft has just released a new version of Windows 8.1 and one more good news is that it brings back the start button to it's old place and looks like the Windows logo in charms.

It's a good thing for Windows users !! and also there is a option to boot to desktop which is disabled by default though. Windows 8.1 is expected to hit the market as a preview in June and the final version will be released  in the end of the year. So expect a lot of changes in Windows !The start button would not launch the start menu instead it will launch Start screen.When you hover to the Bottom left corner the start button will come up.You can also use your desktop back ground as your Start screen background !!

Updated with more information at 10:42 AM

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Opera based on Webkit engine released as a preview

It's been some months after Opera said that they would transform there browser's engine to webkit from presto. And they released a preview for mobile users but they have announced their next iteration in desktop too.. Opera next (Opera 15) has just hit the screens and it uses the webkit engine but it has a lot of new features such as stash,discover,improved speed dial and more ...
You can download this preview from here Opera

Be careful .Because it is a preview and may not be stable and may crash.. One good thing is you can use this preview and Stable opera side by side.
here are the new features


Opera Discover
Lighter, brighter, and with the addition of a search box and folders to make it fun and easy to stay organized.


Opera Discover
Think of it as your browser’s back pocket – a nifty way to store pages temporarily, like when you’re doing research or comparing online offers.


Opera Discover
With 13 different content categories across more than 30 languages, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding more news and entertainment online.


Opera Discover

Search smarter, with an all-in-one window that guesses what you’re looking for as you type – and gives you a choice of search providers.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Windows 8 is awesome!

First I was skeptic over Windows 8.Most of the people and Blogs said to stay with Windows 7 for now.Braving myself, I just upgraded to Windows 8 pro from Windows 7 ultimate.Installation was zippy and was completed within 15 minutes.

Oh great! I was lead to Start Screen for the first time and it seemed lovely.Slowly I got my hands on the hot corners and The Charms bar came up and everything seemed fine.I clicked the desktop and saw the good old desktop on my screen with a new kind of theme applied.

Charms-search, share, change settings, and more

I love the Start screen because it keeps me updated with the power of live tiles. From news to sports and more, it has got everything you need to start with.The new app Store from Microsoft is awesome with all good apps in it.The in-built apps such as Video,Music,Reader,Weather,Mail are very useful and awesome..

Once you get used Windows 8. you will  love it. It's the fastest Windows ever, boots up within 6 seconds and shuts down in milliseconds.Here is a short video to get to know Windows 8 .

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wondershare player

Wondershare has just released their media player for Windows platform and the player is well worth to use because it starts up pretty fast and puts the video at your desktop within a second..

Wondershare player

The player’s interface is well designed and looks modern..It is also compatible with Windows 8 which makes it a great choice for users who move to different computers.As said earlier it is very light and fast.It plays well with all formats of video including mp4,avi,mkv,flv,3gp………… It is very stable too .

If you are encountering any problems with your current media player then this player will help you out.It’s still a newbie to this media player world, let’s see what it is up to .