Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Opera based on Webkit engine released as a preview

It's been some months after Opera said that they would transform there browser's engine to webkit from presto. And they released a preview for mobile users but they have announced their next iteration in desktop too.. Opera next (Opera 15) has just hit the screens and it uses the webkit engine but it has a lot of new features such as stash,discover,improved speed dial and more ...
You can download this preview from here Opera

Be careful .Because it is a preview and may not be stable and may crash.. One good thing is you can use this preview and Stable opera side by side.
here are the new features


Opera Discover
Lighter, brighter, and with the addition of a search box and folders to make it fun and easy to stay organized.


Opera Discover
Think of it as your browser’s back pocket – a nifty way to store pages temporarily, like when you’re doing research or comparing online offers.


Opera Discover
With 13 different content categories across more than 30 languages, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding more news and entertainment online.


Opera Discover

Search smarter, with an all-in-one window that guesses what you’re looking for as you type – and gives you a choice of search providers.

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