Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Windows 8 is awesome!

First I was skeptic over Windows 8.Most of the people and Blogs said to stay with Windows 7 for now.Braving myself, I just upgraded to Windows 8 pro from Windows 7 ultimate.Installation was zippy and was completed within 15 minutes.

Oh great! I was lead to Start Screen for the first time and it seemed lovely.Slowly I got my hands on the hot corners and The Charms bar came up and everything seemed fine.I clicked the desktop and saw the good old desktop on my screen with a new kind of theme applied.

Charms-search, share, change settings, and more

I love the Start screen because it keeps me updated with the power of live tiles. From news to sports and more, it has got everything you need to start with.The new app Store from Microsoft is awesome with all good apps in it.The in-built apps such as Video,Music,Reader,Weather,Mail are very useful and awesome..

Once you get used Windows 8. you will  love it. It's the fastest Windows ever, boots up within 6 seconds and shuts down in milliseconds.Here is a short video to get to know Windows 8 .

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