Thursday, June 13, 2013

Advantages of Windows 8

Using Windows 8 has a lot of advantages over Windows 7.Here is a list of all those advantages.

Performance :- Windows 8 made a big leap in performance. You will see start up times and shutdown times a lot faster.Also you will experience a more smoother and faster navigation.The fastest Windows ever.

Stable computer :- Windows 8 is a great OS when it comes to stability.It's very rare to see your PC hang.If you are running Windows 7 without any problem then Windows 8 will prove even stabler on the same hardware.

A new file manager :- Windows explorer got ribbon interface and it was renamed as File explorer. Not just the ribbon, it got and image mounting capabilities in-built.It's faster and has a new elegant design.

The in-built apps :- The apps which comes with Windows 8 is a lot useful than you would think.News,Reader,Weather,Finance,Mail and a lot more !!. Now you can open pdf files without any third party readers instead you can open it with the Reader app.Great isn't it.

Store :- Apple has a store,Android has a store and following this Windows 8 has a store which is full of awesome apps in all categories.Their are currently 86,000 plus apps.And it is increasing day by day.

Better touch support :- You can expect the best touch experience with Windows 8 which supports most of touch gestures out there.If you have a touch device then you will love Windows 8 and it's responsive touch experience.Internet explorer 10 (modern UI) makes browsing with touch easier.

Windows 8.1 :- The next major upgrade to Windows 8 will be available for free and it will improve a lot of things in Windows 8.This may be the beginning of a new scheme from Microsoft.Hopefully they will release yearly upgrades to Windows 8 which will  makeWindows 8 much faster,better,productive and secure.

So what's better than this. Windows 8 supports all the apps that runs in Windows 7.Windows 8 is just Windows 7 upgraded for the present and future !

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