Saturday, June 8, 2013

Start screen or Start menu ?? A big dilemma

Windows 8 made things a lot newer and better (may be bitter for some people) but the biggest change was the removal of start menu which lived from Windows 95 days to Windows 7.It opened a big gap for third party developers who replicated the start menu found in Windows 7 and ported it into Windows 8.And the most disgusting(for Microsoft) thing is that they were a big success to the small companies.

Leaving that aside let's see what is the difference between the Start screen and start menu..

First let us see what start menu has :-
People are a lot familiar with this menu and they have got themselves accustomed to use it.It is the place to start with.Search,Open,Browse everything in a single box.

Start menu
Start Menu 8 in Windows 8
Searching brings the results combined in a single view.Everything is perfect.Shortcuts to the key parts of the PC makes it easy for navigation.

Start screen
Introduced with Windows 8 and replacing the start menu with big tiles for better touch support.Live tiles and colorful all around.

It provides real time updates with live tiles and the addition app store is big thing.The metro apps are really nice and awesome.The charms bar also helps you to navigate with the start screen.Putting all this things one package, Start screen is a better place to start with because you can pin as much as programs you like.And you can also pin a website with IE or Chrome (Modern UI).

Charms bar is where you can access the computer's setting.And Turn off your machine from here and search anything here.Everything is perfect here.

So What is your choice ?? Will u stick to the old and familiar start menu or use the new and shiny start screen.

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