Sunday, June 9, 2013

WOT : Surfing safer online

Taking security as a top priority is important because it's easy to fall to a fake website and fill your inbox with  spam/junk mails. And all these may happen even if you have a antivirus product installed in your computer.So why let that happen,Here is a small yet a powerful addon called WOT(web of trust).

Color codes of WOT
Your search results will be followed by a small color coded circles which shows the reputation of the websites.As usual, Green means safe,Yellow means be careful,Red means danger ahead,White means unknown.
Search results with WOT
I recommend everyone to install this addon,even if you have antivirus protection on.You can also cast a vote on any website you visit.Using this addon will drastically reduce your chances to falling to bad websites.It integrates well with facebook,Gmail,Outlook,Yahoo ................ Have a safer surfing day with WOT.

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