Sunday, July 21, 2013

Market share of browser's

Internet explorer is the king when it comes to the market share of the browsers.Currently it holds 55.15% of the share worldwide.Google chrome,Firefox,Opera and safari are trying hard to get the top position.

Let me start from Internet explorer which is the most used browser as of now,four versions of Internet explorer helps it to grab the top spot.IE 8 is the most used version which constitutes 22.67% of the share.The second most used version if the latest offering from Microsoft,IE 10 which is modern and faster than every IE.Third comes the IE 9 which was released in 2011 with a share of 11.71. Unfortunately IE 6 the oldest version(currently supported) of IE is still used by 6.13% users. Microsoft is still is trying hard to move users to the new version of IE . 

Google Chrome is the second most popular browser which was released in 2008.From the day of it's launch ,it has been a successful product for Google.It has a share 13.76 % which is greatly due to the user friendliness. It is one of the fastest browser around.The silent auto-update features keeps users on the latest version of the browser always.

Firefox comes third which had the second spot some years ago.Firefox holds 12.47% of the share.The competition between Chrome and Firefox is always hard.Firefox has lived ages with the internet and is now a great browser.There is no old versions of firefox is being used as the auto update feature brings all users to the newest Firefox.

Safari comes in at a distant fourth with a share of 3.27.The availability of the browsers only to apple products have lead to this.Safari comes integrated with Mac OS and iOS.

Opera holds the fifth spot firmly with a share of just 1.58%.The new chromium based version of Opera has till now not sparked much even though it packs a lot features in it .

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