Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chrome has made browsing simpler and better in all browsers

If you have been browsing the web for last few years then you will know about Google Chrome.Google Chrome is a simple,fast,secure and modern browser which was released in late 2008 by Google. Google Chrome now has millions of users worldwide.It is one of the most successful browser which is known well for it’s speed and simplicity.But how did Chrome achieve this place within a short span of time ?
Chrome was the first browser which was developed with simplicity and speed in mind.Users don’t have to be a computer geek to use the browser. People who did not know computer well would go for this browser as it provides a faster and safer web experience under a simple user interface.People never saw any browser to be this simpler at that time when Firefox and Internet explorer was ruling.Google knew what was needed in basic browser for an user and created Chrome.
It brought several revolutionary changes to the browsers world.It made it simpler and faster.Chrome gets updated with new features every six weeks.Browsers have evolved so much using the idea given by Chrome which is an perfect example how a modern browser should be. It avoided the trouble some toolbars and created a small place for the extensions in the corner which was still powerful and productive without cluttering the browser.Every change was accepted by most of the users.This made other browsers to change themselves.
Internet explorer,Firefox and Opera improved their interfaces following the likes of chrome.They are now modern and they provide better web experience and Google Chrome remains as indirect reason for this.Chrome is getting better and better and similarly Firefox,Internet explorer and Opera are also innovating new things.But in every way,the web is moving forward.

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