Friday, August 2, 2013

IE 11 provides the best web experience in Windows 8.1

Microsoft shipped the preview version of IE 11 with Windows 8.1 preview.Now the the tech giant says that IE 11 provides the best experience in Windows 8.1.IE 11 has brought many improvements over IE 10.It is expected to be faster than IE 10 by 10-20% and also a lot faster than chrome,firefox and opera.The important addition to IE is WebGL which is a emerging standard of the web.It is currently supported by all the major browsers out there with the exception of IE.With IE 11 they will also get the WebGL support.

The modern version appears to very similar to IE 10 but has got a lot of new features such as the new F12 menu which is really useful for developers.The desktop version also has not been tweaked visually but has got all the underhood changes that makes the browser more safer,secure and better.

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