Friday, August 9, 2013

Is the removal Start in Windows 8 is bad ?

For a second you will say yes but when you see the start screen and get used to it, you won't say it. Windows 8 removed the start menu but it replaced it with something better, I can say.

Start screen in Windows 8!
Windows 7 did a awesome job with everything placed in proper places and it is still a great choice for users.But Windows 8 did something more innovative and great.It brought the new start screen with it's own benefits.Windows 8 can be tapped with your finger or clicked with your mouse.Everything works !

Start menu in Windows 7 
Removal of the the start menu was a big thing for Windows users who have accustomed to it for more than a decade.But it takes minutes to forget the need of start menu.Hot corners provides a cool way to navigate.The start screen itself is vivid and colorful place to start with.You can pin anything and everything here.You can re-arrange them.Name them and hold them in as a category or you can just go to all apps view to see all the apps you have installed.

You can use the store to get apps which make your computer productive.The live tiles provide you with real-time updates which is a great way to keep yourself updated without opening the app itself.You can use multiple apps simultaneously using the snap.You can enjoy the apps in fullscreen which means you can concentrate on the app more.

Windows 8.1 improves the start screen !
With Windows 8.1 coming this month,things will get better and easier.Users can learn the new way to use Windows which takes just 10-15 minutes and after that you will enjoy it.If you got a tablet with Windows 8,then you are in luck because your tablet is more powerful than ever with Windows 8 running in it.

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