Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is Windows RT a good OS for Tablets ?

With Windows 8,Microsoft improved the touch feature in Windows and the Windows store was released which now hosts around 111,00 apps.Windows 8 supported touch very well and it had the traditional desktop too but Microsoft has other ideas with Windows 8 RT,the ARM based version of Windows 8 which runs in the tablets with touch only.They decided to take the traditional desktop out thus making Windows RT run completely based on the new touch interface.You can install apps from Windows store but you can not run the old desktop software you used to run in Windows.

Going beyond the point that it can't run desktop apps.There is more you can do with Windows RT.Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT comes in-built for free which means you can create beautiful documents,long going spreadsheets and professional presentations with your finger without needing any additional software.You can use Internet explorer 10 browse the web with your finger gestures.You can download apps from Windows store.

It can do anything that any tablet can do.You can download and watch HD videos with videos app or chat with your best pal with the messaging app. You can take pictures with camera app,listen to your favorite songs with the music app.You can download apps which will help you edit pictures and videos.Windows updates are enabled by default which delivers every single update to your tablet silently and automatically.
Windows defender and Windows firewall help you to protect the tablet from threats and viruses which are very low in Windows RT.

Windows RT is a great OS for tablets and Microsoft seems that it will support and improve this OS in the near future.It has not done anything tremendous till now but it is good to have.Using the ARM architecture,Windows RT consumes very less power and is very fast which means your tablet doesn't need to be charged all the time as your laptops with Windows needs.It can stand for many hours without charging.The time has changed and the world is becoming more mobile than ever,for this Windows 8 RT is a serious option.

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