Thursday, August 8, 2013

Used Internet explorer 10 (desktop version) for a week

I used the latest version of internet explorer for a week under Windows 8.I used the traditional desktop version of the browser which looks very similar to IE 9.Here is my experience with IE 10.

 I can say that IE 10 starts very fast ,way faster than my Chrome. The UI seems familiar to the people who used IE9 but users from IE8 should learn a bit. For the past week I didn't use any other browser other than IE and it proved very good at most of the time. I used IE 9 on Windows 7 last year which was nice but IE 10 in Windows 8 takes a big lead in speed. In some cases it was even faster than Chrome and Firefox. The tab bar gets crowded a bit with many tabs open but I could easily solve it with the option "show tabs in a separate row" which is a welcome for users like me. I ran some basic tests like peacekeeper,Html5test and more.. IE 10 scored good but not the best out of the game. As a average user, I did not find any compelling problems to move off from IE. Yes it did hang up for a second or two but managed to do well mostly. I really liked the Autocomplete and spell check feature in IE 10 which automatically filled the details in relevant blanks and the spell check feature corrects the word order if you mistyped it. It is an awesome feature for a fast typist who may go wrong sometimes.
Overall, IE 10 gave me a really modern web experience. I would even recommend this browser if you are having problems with Chrome. IE has improved a lot since the old aged IE 6 or even IE 8.IE 10 seems the right choice for normal people who just wants to enjoy the web at it's fullest potential. 

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