Thursday, August 22, 2013

Web of trust : A better web experience

Web has changed a lot since it’s invention.In both good and bad ways.Yes I'm talking about those powerful viruses and the money minded adware and unlimited spams which tampers your web experience. Antivirus programs can do a good job in protecting you from viruses and adware's but when it comes to spammy links which are constantly coming, Web of trust (WOT) provides solid protection from all these links and even warns when a page shows adult content.It does a good job in keeping you away from all the bad things you find in internet. It integrates with facebook,Gmail,Yahoo mail and etc.… It does not interfere with you current antivirus program.I recommend this small piece of addon/extension which will definitely keep you safe from all the nasty things in the web. It is available as a small addon to all the major browsers.You can download it from here

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