Thursday, August 1, 2013

Windows 8 gains market share once more !

Windows 8 has managed to keep up the pace of increasing it's market share each month though it had only 0.30% increase last month which is the least recorded since it's release.It is mainly due to the release of Windows 8.1 preview in the end of June which has attracted users.Windows 8 currently holds 5.4% of share which keeps it in third spot, well behind the ageing Windows XP and modern Windows 7.

Net market share report 

Windows 7 on the other hand had a slight increase of 0.13%, totaling for a 44.49% of the share.Windows XP which is still living a great life after 12 years since it's release has a great market share of 37.19%.Microsoft is trying desperate to move users off XP within it's retirement which is due on April 8 2014 !

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