Thursday, August 8, 2013

Windows XP to Windows 7 : Benefits

Using Windows XP is no more a good thing as it has become very old and more vulnerable to viruses. I personally recommend all the people to move to Windows 7 or Windows 8.For most of the users Windows 7 will be a great choice and for some the new Windows 8.In this post I will post about the benefits when you upgrade to Windows 7.A brief post on this topic.
Windows 7 released in late 2009 is now the most popular OS. It has a lot of new features which can make your work easier and faster. The traditional desktop is improved a lot from XP.Windows 7 is also more safe with Windows defender and Windows firewall protecting you by default.

Beyond the beautiful visual effects, Windows 7 offers many things to users. It is a very stable OS.The taskbar has been completely redesigned which gives more power to users. You can pin any program and re-arrange them to your choice. The start button still works with more features than ever with a powerful search option. You can just open it and start typing the name of the file, software or whatever you want, It will come up with results in the same place. The show desktop button got a new place in Windows 7 which makes you more productive than ever with Aero peek.The taskbar and the start button is a compelling reason to upgrade to Windows 7.The aero snap is one of the great new feature which gives you the power of comparing two things in a couple of clicks.

Performance of Windows 7 is always better than any XP machine out there. It starts up fast and sleeps way faster than the old XP.Windows 7 uses very less RAM and runs efficiently. You can do multitasking with ease and confidence on any of the today's hardware. You will feel at home with Windows 7.You can run any program that ran on XP with compatibility settings. Windows 7 has new  version of Windows update which keeps your computer up-to date silently.

Windows 7 has support till 2020 which means you can continue to use Windows 7 without any problems for 7 more years with Microsoft completely supporting the OS.

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