Friday, September 13, 2013

Internet explorer 11 review

I have been using Windows 8.1 which brings the latest Internet explorer 11 with it. Till now I am satisfied with the improvements made to IE 11. See what Internet explorer 11 has to offer..... I can recommend this browser for any inexperienced computer users who just want to enjoy the web completely.

Usability and Interface

Internet explorer 11 UI in desktop mode is intact with IE 10. It remains untouched and clean. Tabs are at top with address bar preceding it. You can go to home page by clicking the home button in the top right corner. You can also access the favorites and settings using star and gear button respectively.

The Modern UI version gets some changes in the interface part. The tabs are still placed in the bottom of the screen with address bar below the tabs bar. Address bar has a back button and reload, favorites manager and settings and also the flip ahead feature is now enabled by default. It also has a download manager which looks similar to the desktop version but with "Metro" feel.

Both the versions of IE 11 have a very smooth scrolling features which eases scrolling through websites. The browser overall seems very easy to use and is very stable than previous versions. This browser gives you a worry free web experience though it suffers from incompatibility with some websites. 

Performance and Security

The major changes in Internet explorer 11 is the support to new technologies which speed up the browser by a long shot. Internet explorer 11 generally feels faster than IE 10. WebGL support has been introduced in Internet explorer for the first time which gives visually immersive web experience.

V8 JavaScript test
HTML 5 Test
SunSpider JavaScript
Internet explorer 11
Google Chrome

 As you can see Internet explorer competes well with Chrome in most aspects . It beats Chrome by a mile in SunSpider JavaScript test by completing the test in just 89.1ms while chrome takes 571.1ms. WebGL seems smooth and hardware accelerated 

IE 11 starts a lot faster than any browser, thanks to the deep integration and powerful hardware acceleration. Also the visited pages will be loaded faster because web-caching which will make the browser feel faster.

When it comes security IE stands tall. IE 11 manages to brings the same security features from IE 10 and improves them. Latest analysis show that IE 10 alone can manage to block 99% of the malware.IE 11 follows the same path.


The way Internet explorer has evolved and is really amazing. IE manages to keep up close competition with other browsers. Moreover Microsoft is updating IE in faster pace with yearly release. .It's faster due to the integration with Windows and it's hardware accelerated from the core. It's safer with its Smartscreen filter.Internet explorer is a solid browser which will please most of the users.

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