Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Microsoft accidentally shows start button in Surface 2 ad: Is this Windows 9 ?

Microsoft announced Surface 2 yesterday.It released a video ad for the second generation surface devices. But in that ad sharply at 0:56 seconds you can see the desktop with Start menu. You can see the same in the image below. Microsoft stated that this problem was due to one of the employees who has mistakenly included this frame in the video. MS have removed the video and will upload a video without the start menu

It is not the default Start menu found in Windows 7, it's a third party software which brings back start menu. But it is so confusing that the taskbar has real AERO theme with Glass effect which is not in Windows 8. It may be Windows 9 which may brings back the good old start menu and aero theme. It may also be Windows 7 with many customization done via some third party tools but I have major doubt ! " Will Windows 7 work in the surface tablet ?" . What do you think readers ?

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