Friday, September 13, 2013

Windows 8.1 reaches 2 million downloads within 24 hours

Microsoft decided to release Windows 8.1 RTM for developers on the same time as users got it but they changed their decision and released Windows 8.1 RTM for developers via MSDN and TechNet a few days ago. Microsoft's Vice President of Marketing Tami Reller said
"It's a big week this week for Windows 8.1; we've seen incredible uptake already. So far on Windows 8.1 we've seen more than two million downloads, so it's definitely getting a bit of chatter out there in the marketplace," Reller said

It's a great milestone for Microsoft. Developers are now quite happy by what the Redmond based tech giant has done. It's important for a developer to test his/her app in the final version of the OS before it releases to the public. Windows 8.1 is a incremental upgrade over Windows 8 and is generally better in all ways. It includes lots of new features like Start button,IE 11,new customization options in start screen, a better PC settings, New apps such as alarm, calculator , Skype ( preinstalled apps) and a lot more ..

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