Thursday, September 19, 2013

Windows won't go away any sooner

Windows© plays a very important role in our life. From the personal desktops and to powerful ultrabooks, Windows is used. We have been living with computer for last 25 years with Windows being the OS used. Windows 95 brought a new redesigned UI which was improved with Windows XP and after that Windows became the most preferred OS in the world.


Last two years proved worthy for Linux and Mac OS X. They are becoming as primary solutions rather than a alternative for Windows like it was before. The competition is heating up and already 9-10% of the users use Non Windows devices. Does this mean that Windows era is coming to an end ?

I can say no easily because it's hard to compete with Windows as it can run millions of software and is found to be more professional and productive than any other OS in the world. Windows is found every where around you, from the small shop to big malls and theatres, developers love to develop apps for Windows which brings them quite a lot of money. It is a indispensable part of the computer world.

Windows 8 was released to mixed reviews and some users got irritated with it's metro part while it is loved by the touch users. Windows 7 remains as a stronghold for Microsoft in the OS world while Windows 8 is slowly gaining momentum with Windows 8.1 around the corner. Users like Windows and only negligible number of people are running Mac OS x or the free Linux OS's. It's quite normal to see people who have not even heard about Ubuntu or Mac OS X. Windows 9 and 10 will move a step up with cloud playing a important role. Windows has set the stage for a great future while it's rivals are still well behind and struggling.

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