Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to get most out your Windows Start screen

Start screen is the place where you start with and it has been intended to replace the start menu found in Windows 7. Windows 8 brought start screen which was touch friendly but it missed may features and Windows 8.1 has managed to bring those features to act within a year. So what has changed in the start screen is a good reason to use this as a fully fledged start menu.

In this post I will let you know some tips which will increase the productivity of your start screen and also keep your apps accessible and organized .

Keeping your apps organized a very important and useful way to keep your apps in their places.You can pin many apps in your start screen and you should consider pining the most used apps in the left side of Start screen for faster access. Resize your apps and know where they are. 

You can also unpin rarely used programs. To access them later you can go to all apps view and search for it.You should also keep your productivity apps under a separate group so that you will know which apps you want to use . You can also use your Desktop background as your start screen background which will reduce the jarring effect ! You can see the pic to understand the start screen better !

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