Sunday, October 13, 2013

HTML 5 test website gets a new update

The website which measures the HTML 5 capability of the browsers is getting ready for a major overhaul. The new site is in beta stage which implements new HTML 5 features for browsers. The total points has been increased to 555 from 500 points in the older site.

This website has been around for years and they have been increasing the support for HTML 5 without any visual overhaul till now. The time has come it seems and they have also taken a modern approach in design of Website as it's in the likes of flat 2D buttons which follows the trend set by Windows 8. You can check the new website here . Don't worry your browser won't crash except it is IE 6.. jokes aside. Even though this site has a beta label, it is not going to do anything bad  to your browser.

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