Thursday, October 17, 2013

Windows 8.1 RTM review

Windows 8.1 Review

Windows 8.1 has hit the world with full force and here is the review and look through of new features.It is more than a update to Windows 8, it has some features which will make you dump every other OS in the world.

Getting the users back with desktop

Windows 8.1 brings in a completely improved desktop which has the start button there. Windows 8 was more a controversial Windows version as it got rid of start button and menu. Windows 8.1 brings back the start button. Another useful feature for Windows 8.1 users is Boot to Desktop which will bring you to the desktop after booting rather than landing you on the colorful Start screen.

Start Screen and Modern UI apps

The start screen is improved with new tile sizes and more customization options. You can choose from the many given colors as your start screen background or even use your desktop background as start screen background. Skype,Windows Reading List,Help+Tips,Food&Drink,Health & Fitness which are the new preinstalled apps with Windows 8.1. Start screen as finally evolved and is more powerful and better.Also Modern UI apps can now automatically update in the background without any user interaction which comes very handy for users who don't want to mess with updates.You can also snap three different apps at the same time.

Search and Settings

When it comes settings which can be accessed via the modern UI , a lot has changed from the basic PC settings provided in Windows 8. PC settings in Windows 8.1 takes a long shot and is more or same as the control panel in the desktop mode. You can control your computer completely from the Modern UI PC settings

Search is another feature which has been revamped in this update. Search looks for everything that you want to find plus it searches the web and shows the results in a beautiful and elegant style.It even searches inside the image and text files which is seriously a good feature.

Windows Store 

The Windows store has been revamped with a completely new UI and better design which allows users to find more apps easily. You can search right away by selecting the search bar which is now visible and it also delivers suggestions in real-time as you type. You can manage your apps easily with the new navigation options. You can switch categories or check your apps... There is a lot done to Store making it one of the finest place to find your favorite apps. The Store is the home for more than 120,000 apps which includes the newly released facebook app,twitter,hulu,Netflix and more.

A fast and stable Internet explorer

The in house browser has got a major update making it version 11. IE 11 manages to outperform other browsers in many tasks and finally feels smooth,fast and stable. IE 11 in Modern UI gets many new features and options.The tabs are now placed at bottom attached with the address bar. Mouse users will appreciate the app bar which will open up the address bar and tabs. You can even give your address bar and tabs a home permanently in the bottom.

The better Windows for better future is here !

I may sound a bit excited but I am not. Windows 8.1 gives the necessary treatment that every Windows 8 users need. One full year of advancement and improvements are delivered via the latest Windows.What's great is that Windows 8.1 is free for Windows 8 user. It puts in the best package of features in a very intuitive UI, making Windows 8.1 a great OS.It gives respect to desktop while it takes the Modern UI to next level.Touch it or use the traditional keyboard-mouse, Windows 8.1 is here for you.You must give Windows 8.1 a try and it will surely change what you think about Windows 8.
You must give Windows 8.1 a try and it will surely change what you think about Windows 8.

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