Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Comodo dragon : A browser for privacy seekers

Comodo Dragon is a great browser for those who want the speed of Chrome with a bit more privacy.
Comodo Dragon is a fast versatile browser which uses the same engine that Chrome uses. So expect this browser to be as responsive as Chrome. This browser is built by comodo who create the most powerful firewall  in the world. And more over this browser is said to provide you more control on your privacy and it does not track you like Chrome does ( not the confidential though ).

On the other hand, this browser is on par with Chrome in terms of speed and features. You can install all the chrome extensions in this browser via the webstore and you also install themes to customize your browser. This browser is here for you if you don't like the tracking habit of Chrome but love it's speed and performance. Comodo Dragon is good browser which you can also use as your primary browser.

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