Saturday, November 16, 2013

DDR4 is coming soon, This year

DDR 3 has been around for many years. Every PC bought today comes with DDR3 RAM. Now it's time for DDR3's predecessor, DDR4 to rule the world. DDR4 provides a lot improvements over DDR3.
Today's DDR3 chips can have a maximum of 8 GB of RAM while this get's doubled in DDR4 as it can hold 16GB of RAM in a single chip which will make higher end users to get more power with just a single chip. This is just one of the major improvements in next generation RAM. Another great thing is that DDR4 will be twice as fast as it's predecessor with a boost 2.1 GHz and above !

Of course, you can't install this RAM in your current motherboard. If you really want this next-gen RAM then watch out for the newer motherboards which will bring support for DDR4. It's a beast seriously !

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