Monday, November 25, 2013

How to bring the classic Windows 7 file explorer features to Windows 8.1

If you have been using Windows 8.1 then you might find that some improvements made to the file manager is pretty annoying like the removal of libraries and the merging of removal devices with the local disks which makes hard to find the external devices.

So here is OldNewExplorer which brings all the Windows explorer features found in Windows 7.
Here is how the file explorer will look after running this tool in Windows 8.1.

You can see that the ribbon is gone and the traditional command bar has replaced it. Also the Hard disks tab shows the HDD only and removable devices come under a new tab like the one found in Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can also get preview pane by clicking the " Show the preview pane " in the top right corner near Help and Support button.

The details pane is also brought back with it's full functionality. The file grouping has also been changed to look like Windows 7's file manager by including the Libraries and separating the library files from This PC. Well if you are transforming Windows 8.1 into Windows 7 then this is a tool which can help you a lot. And this tool is available as a free download from here . Extract the zip and copy the content to your Windows directory and run from there . It's that simple ! 

Do you like the new file explorer or the older found in Windows 7 ? Comment .


  1. I like the older one found in Windows 7

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion :) ... Which OS are you using friend ? :)

    2. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate :-) Sorry for the late reply

    3. No problem mate :) It's my pleasure to see you replying :).. :)

    4. Your blog posts are very useful and interesting. Keep posting :-)

    5. Thanks for your feedback friend :D.. It's great to here such words :)