Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Microsoft pokes fun at Chromebook : Video

Microsoft is now taking Chromebook as it's prey in it's Scroogled campaign. Microsoft in it's new video about Chromebook states that Chromebook is a brick without internet connection which not completely true as Google is trying hard to deliver apps that run offline like Gmail offline.

Microsoft teases the Chromebook by saying that it is not at all a laptop with Office or Windows not installed and they call Chromebook a piece of hardware which tracks all your activity in it which will be used to serve ads to you. This is not completely true, though.A girl wants to sell her Chromebook to a shop but the shop keeper says that it is a useless laptop. And also it's scroogles your data.

Microsoft is going hard on Google and Google is yet to comment about this video but the redmond giant is not at all tired of making fun of Google with it's never ending Scroogled campaigns.


  1. - Once Google introduces offline apps for Chromebooks, they will become more productive.
    - There is a chance that a better substitute business apps could emerge on that platform which could even attract Enterprise customers and industrial end users.
    - According to me, Microsoft should not make fun or criticize Google products and should concentrate on making their products and services better because i see a lot of potential on the Chrome Platform.

    1. I have the same idea as yours ;) .. MS should concentrate more in their products rather than running useless campaigns against their rivals ! :) Chrome OS has a real potential with offline apps