Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mozilla prepare to launch Australis for Firefox soon !

Mozilla has been developing Australis, a new and completely revamped UI for Firefox for more than a year and there is always small improvements to this project. But until now they have been testing Australis under a separate UX branch of their source code. 

As far as the current plans, Australis will be launched in Firefox 28, which will be released to the stable channel of the web browser on 4.3.2014. This might be a very distant date from now but it is necessary for such a huge change to come over the preview and beta version of the popular browser so that it gets refined when it gets to the public. As far as Mozilla's point of view, Australis brings in a lot of improvements while keeping all the features of Firefox. It will be exciting to see how users receive such a huge UI change. You can have a look at the images of Australis here.

UPDATED : With a link containing a lot of pics of Australis UI for Firefox.

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