Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Windows Store has a lot fake VLC media player apps!

VLC media player is one of the most popular media player. It's is available only in desktop mode of Windows. Windows 8 brought apps which run in fullscreen mode and away from desktop with it's own separate Window. Windows 8 apps are available only via the Windows Store and they are mostly small and supports touch input. VLC is developing the official app and they have not yet released a official beta or stable app.

Many developers across the world are creating apps which are named after VLC like VLC HDplayer ,VLC Smart player etc.... but they don't even work like a media player. In fact all these apps are created to get money from the users. All the apps come with a price tag and there is no trial version available to check if the apps work as they are intended to. The most irritating is that there are more than a hundred apps like this which have been approved by Microsoft to be inside the store. Before approving this kind of fake apps ,Microsoft should keep in mind that quantity of apps does not matter but quality does ! If they continue adding this kind of fake apps then the Store would contain more junk. Store now has meager amount of such apps and Microsoft should stop this and forever !

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