Wednesday, December 18, 2013

avast! 2014 stable gets updated

avast! has rolled out a new stable update for all the versions of avast! antivirus. This update improves the stability of the program and also adds GrimeFighter, a PC optimization tool. The developer focused on improving the code in order to deliver a more reliable product, but it also integrated new tools and features such as SafePrice, a component of the browser plugin that should be able to find better prices on alternative shopping sites when you search for a particular item.

The Firewall component, available for Internet Security and Premier customers, went through some changes and the result should be increased compatibility with other applications (generally Java and VPN services).Avast self-defense driver is now safeguarding the installer from the get-go, an action that should foil malware attempts to terminate it on infected machines. In such as case, the developer advises a random renaming of the package before deploying it.The Browser Cleanup tool has also been improved in order to be able to deal with browser extensions and toolbars that oppose greater resistance towards removal.GrimeFighter, the PC optimization tool resulting from acquiring Jumpshot, can now be reached from the product.