Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inside IE 11 ! Get to know what makes this browser fast and stable

Internet explorer 11 has been around for sometime in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 as an optional download. Microsoft has explained each and every improvement made to IE 11 in a very lengthy post. IE 11 is fast and has been improved to support the web with WebGL and more features which makes the browser faster than previous versions of the browser.
Page Prediction, Preload, and Prefetch are spotlighted in the post which explains how this technologies help IE 11 to be faster and responsive.
Page Prediction, preload (also called prerender), and prefetch in IE11 give the browser a head start in downloading and rendering the next page or downloading resources for the next page. For common browsing patterns, pages are pre-emptively fetched and even constructed in the background in a hidden tab so they appear instantly when you click on that link. These techniques speed up things you commonly do on the Web, such as searching, reading articles, browsing photos, and so on, making them feel like browsing local content.

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