Monday, December 2, 2013

Internet explorer is becoming more popular again,Chrome and Firefox trail together !

It may sound odd but it is true. But According to the latest stats from net market share, Internet explorer has been increasing it's market share steadily since the launch of IE 10. IE 11 improves it by grabbing a share of 3.27% in the month of November.

You can see that IE has a share of nearly 58% while all the other popular browsers stay behind with a respectable share between 10 to 20%. Microsoft has been trying hard to improve their browser and they launched IE 10 and IE 11 with a gap of just one year, this is very rare to see till now as Microsoft launches a new version of browser whenever a OS comes after 2 to 3 years. IE 11 is a fast and modern browser which is highly competitive with other browsers

Looking at other browsers, Firefox has a share of 18% followed by Chrome which has 15% of the share. The real competition remains between Chrome and Firefox in terms of Market share but IE is now improving so that no one could become a real competitor to it.Safari and Opera are sitting in the back bench with 8% and 2% respectively. But it all comes to you, users. Which is your primary browser ?

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