Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Microsoft to release Spring GDR update to Windows 8.1 by April

Microsoft is now following a new development cycle for Windows as they keep releasing a big update each year. Windows 8 became Windows 8.1 and now Windows 8.1 is set to get many new updates in the form of Spring GDR update.

The Spring GDR update is set to be released with Windows phone 8.1 at BUILD 2014 which will be held on April at San Francisco. Microsoft aims to improve Windows 8.1 with user feedback but it may not bring the Start menu back to Windows but expect some new features and performance improvements, some people believe that the Spring GDR update is the right moment to release it to users, as the early uptake of the modern operating systems seem to be dramatically affected by the lack of some features.


  1. That's a great news. Now we don't need to wait for 2-3 years for major updates to Windows

    1. Yup :) Faster updates and new features every year :)