Monday, December 16, 2013

Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro are out of stock !

Surface 2 and Surface 2 pro are selling like hot cakes and Microsoft can finally believe in their tablets for their revenue. According to Mashable, both the tablets have been sold in all the stores, even in Microsoft's own store. May be the Christmas is working good for Microsoft or may be the people have realised the potential of Surface 2 and Surface 2 pro.
Consumers around the country have begun to post their frustrations on Twitter, in some cases directly asking Microsoft when the tablets will be available again.  
Meanwhile, a quick search for both versions of the device on Amazon reveals that supplies are dwindling there as well. In the case of the Surface Pro 2 (128GB and 64GB), as of this writing the site showed only eight left in stock for each, while for the Surface 2 (32GB) the site only had three left in stock.


  1. I am glad that Surface 2 series are getting good demand from the public. This is indeed a good news :-)

  2. Since the launch of the Surface tablets last year, I have been wondering what's wrong with these powerful tablets.. Though it needed some small modifications which were fixed by the second gen and now Microsoft can taste the fruit of their tablets :D