Saturday, December 14, 2013

Windows 8 re-invented : Fixing Windows 8 !

Windows 8 has been here for more than a year but it's not that popular as Windows 7 used to in it's days. The metro and Desktop does not go hand in hand to provide the best Windows experience, it's a bit of confusing as the apps in Modern UI is not accessible via desktop and vice versa . Also there is no file explorer in Metro mode and if you are using touch as the input then you will have a hard time with the not-so touch optimized Desktop.
Start menu is back and a new File Explorer looks awesome
There is more to say but I still love Windows 8 and use it as my only OS in the PC. This is the same idea behind a Designer who has created a beautiful and yet a really useful Windows 8.2 prototype !

Start Screen with it's own file manager !
He has brought the start menu back but it's the kinda of  start menu which satisfies both the touch and mouse users. Nevertheless the metro UI has got a new file manager so that touch users don't need use the desktop to access their files.You can also the Metro apps in the desktop which is absolutely a killer feature which will boost the productivity of Windows 8 by a long shot.

This design shows how Microsoft should design their next OS or even Windows 8.2 . Unfortunately Microsoft won't take much notice of this beautiful and useful design. Yes some changes are needed in this design but it's still a pretty solid one. There is more to read in designer's own website

Modern UI apps and Desktop apps running in the Desktop at the same time !


  1. Windows really quietly cooperated with ubuntu?

    1. Friend, I don't think so ! Windows is still a very different OS from Ubuntu. But I would like to know what makes you to say this :)

  2. This is a nice concept. I will be happy if we would be able to use modern apps in the desktop mode. But Microsoft as always, will never consider such concepts.