Friday, January 3, 2014

Chromebooks going crazy !

Chromebook which was introduced 2011 which ran Chrome OS which was just the chrome browser with small changes. It did not appeal anyone as it ran only chrome. But Google kept improving the Chrome OS with a six-week update cycle. It soon got a new Desktop with a taskbar which serves as place to pin and launch your favorite websites, much like Windows 7's taskbar.

Chromebooks are so popular now that it represents about one-fifth of sales in commercial laptop channels. It has increased from virtually zero percent market share at the end of 2012. There are two Chromebooks in the top 3 in amazon's best selling laptop line up. Chromebooks can now run some of the offline apps like Gmail,quick office which makes running Chromebooks offline productive. Google is not stopping here, it looks that the number of Chromebooks will multiply in 2014. HP, the world's largest PC maker has put much emphasis on Chromebook by releasing two models. One a 11-inch and other a 14-inch model. Both of the models are selling like hotcakes. Thanks to the schools because most of the Chromebooks are sold to schools because they need just Gmail,Google Drive and other simple web apps. Dell is also planning to launch a new Chromebook this year. So expect Chromebook and Chrome OS improve rapidly in the coming years. Chrome is no just a browser, it's OS which depends and runs the web in the way it should be. Web Developers will love this because it makes everything simpler and easier.It is completely secure with updates rolling out each and every six weeks.Chromebooks have a great potential of becoming a threat to Windows and Mac OS.

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