Thursday, January 9, 2014

Microsoft Security Essential won't be available for Windows XP after April !

Microsoft is killing XP completely. They want to see it go and Windows 8.x to come up. Whenever there is a chance, the tech giant talks about the consequences of using XP after April 8. Windows XP came out on 2001 was a successful product for Microsoft at that time but it is surprising to see the OS still powering a lot PC's around the globe. Thanks to the delayed release of Windows Vista which caused Windows XP to last a bit longer. Developers brought millions of application which ran/run exclusively in Windows XP.

Now Microsoft has confirmed that they would stop providing security updates to MSE in Windows XP which means that a majority of XP users will be left unprotected right from the day 1 after the expiration. What's more disturbing is MSE is one of the most used antivirus in the world with a market share of about 20%. Most users running Windows XP seem to use MSE as their antivirus. So it might cause headache if they continue to use XP.Other antivirus vendors like avast!,avg,kaspersky,bitdefender.. will be providing support for XP for some more time.Good bye XP ! Say hi to Windows 7/8.x

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