Sunday, January 12, 2014

Microsoft's official blog and Twitter account hacked !

Syrian Electronic Army has attacked Microsoft again, the official blog of the tech-giant and the twitter account was hacked, earlier today. Microsoft has recovered the the social properties very soon after the security breach. SEA has already hacked the Skype blog and Skype's twitter account on 1st January which shows that the hackers are aiming at Microsoft's social properties.

SEA posted anti-Microsoft posts in the blog and twitter. They posted things like "Don't use Microsoft emails(Outlook,hotmail),They are monitoring your accounts and selling data to governments". But Microsoft's reaction was very fast,within minutes, the posts and tweets were removed and the blog was restored immediately without any delay as in the case  of Skype's blog. Microsoft has reportedly changed the passwords of social accounts and blog's to prevent further attacks. Microsoft said that no user information was compromised during the attack

Still it's hard to believe that a top tech company like Microsoft gets attacks like this, SEA has made a counter attack upon Microsoft.

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