Saturday, February 1, 2014

Market Share round up : Operating systems

January was a normal month for the operating systems, Windows 8.x managed small increase while the good old XP (surprisingly !) managed to increase it's market share.

According to the new statistics provided by net applications,Windows 7 tops the chart with a huge market share of 47.49% while it's successor Windows 8/8.1 together have 10.58% of the market share. Windows Vista stands in the fifth position with a small share of 3.30%. Despite the imminent retirement,most disturbing fact is the rise in share of Windows XP. January was not a great month for Microsoft.Non-Microsoft operating systems trail behind with Mac OS X posting a share of 3.20% and the open source Linux OS accounts for 1.60%.


  1. Rise in the market share of Windows XP has taken me by surprise. It's share rose by 0.25 % while that of Windows 7 decreased by 0.03%. With the end of support nearing, such a situation sounds odd.

    1. Same thoughts here... It's really surprising to see this little old OS surviving in a fast paced world.. Microsoft had wonderful time with XP and now it's turning into a major problem. !

    2. I hope there will be no further increase in the market share of Windows XP. I am expecting market share of Windows 8.1 to grow further instead !