Saturday, March 29, 2014

Office for iPad : Optimized for Apple

If you are using Apple iPad then you most probably have heard about the launch of Microsoft Office for iPad. Microsoft says that this is not a port of the Windows version but a completely built iPad version which will work great with touch input in all the apple devices.

Julia White, Microsoft’s chief of Office Division Product Management, presented the new Office for iPad during an event focused on cloud services in San Francisco, with the new CEO Satya Nadella also taking the stage to discuss about Redmond’s efforts in this particular market.White guarantees that everything has been built from the ground up to work on the iPad, and “this is definitely not the Windows app ported to the iPad.” Everything is “very natural on the iPad,” she pointed out.

“What makes these apps unique is that they strike just the right balance between being unmistakably Office and being designed for the iPad. If you use Office on a PC or Mac, the iPad apps feel very familiar, so you are comfortable and confident using these apps right away. The Ribbon layout and experience is familiar, with the most common commands under Home, and Chart commands automatically show up when you select a chart,” it says.

Office is available as a free download from iTunes but the free version will only help in opening and viewing files, if you want real editing capabilities then you must buy a Office 365 subscription.

Download Microsoft Word for iPad
Download Microsoft Excel for iPad
Download Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

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