Friday, March 7, 2014

Windows 8.1 update now available for download from MS servers

Microsoft has uploaded Windows 8.1 update files onto their official Windows update servers. Most probably,it must be the final RTM version which is slated to release next month. The guys at MyDigitalLife have spotted this and shared the links publicly.You can go here and download the update manually. Update :- Microsoft has removed the update file from it's servers but still you can download using the Mega links found in the post.

Microsoft is yet to unveil the update but it's surprising to see those file on their update servers.May be Microsoft has plans to released to MSDN and TechNet users earlier than the consumers. Let's see if the update is the RTM version or just some more test builds. I am deploying the update now and will update this post with more information screenshots if the installation is successful.

The update is now installed and everything is fine here. It seems to be the RTM version too. Here are some screenshots.It's fantastic. Keep checking for new posts !

Updated : After installing the update on my PC !

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