Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Windows 9 is getting closer : October 2014 ?

Reliable sources close to Microsoft have hinted that Windows 9 might just be around the corner and might be released in October 2014. WZOR might very well leak the Windows 9 developer preview soon but he has not commented about this publicly. Still there is no idea on any specific new features which will be implemented in Windows 9 but according to old reports Microsoft might very well listen to customers and bring the Start menu with a new name such as Mini-Start which was alleged to come with Windows 8.1 update 1 but it did not.There are more reports claiming that Microsoft will allow Apps to run inside the Desktop.

Releasing Windows 9 in October will keep Microsoft's yearly update strategy alive, as you can see that Windows 8 was released on October 2012 followed by Windows 8.1 on October 2013 and if the same is to happen with Windows 9, we will see the daylight of Windows 9 by October 2014. But still there is no confirmation on when Windows 9 will come out.It is still unknown whether developer version will be released on October or the final version. But one thing is pretty clear, Microsoft has already started working on Windows 9. Remember Windows 9 will hit the streets sooner than you think.

Update 1 : Windows 9 is expected to come with thinner explorer borders by 20-25% which would look like a mix of XP style and 8 Style and a mini start menu.

Update 2: Windows 9 won't bring tabbed File Explorer which is one of the most requested features in Windows. 

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