Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Windows 9 Concept puts Microsoft's Start menu in action

It's no more a mere dream to to have the start menu back in Windows as Microsoft confirmed that the Start menu will be back to it's original place making new users feel home and familiar. Also the start menu will contain live tiles which will make Store apps easily accessible right from the desktop.

Microsoft has not talked about the next major version of Windows, Windows 9. Designers across the world are imagining the next version of Windows in the form of their concepts. In fact concepts don't exist in real life but they convey the users need and the features that the users want in the future versions.Make no mistake, Windows 9 Redesign/Concept 1.0 by Reymond-P-Scene is just another beautiful concept which shows what might be the future of Windows. The Start menu is back and the tiles let you control the app without actually opening the app, have a look at the Spotify tiles. The start menu also allows you to create a folder from where you can launch probably anything. The lockscreen also sports new option like voice lock and a Picture password button.Also the new Windows features Cortana the personal voice assistant which is available in Windows Phone 8.1.Go to to the Deviant Art website to see the concept completely. What do you think about this concept ? 

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