Saturday, May 3, 2014

A new author , New possibilities !

It's been a great experience blogging about things I like and care. But till now I have been blogging all alone but here is an important change. A change which is happening at the right time and at the right place. I would like to introduce a new author, Pawan Kartik . Pawan, just like me is studying in school but his computer skills would make him stand out from everyone . He knows C, C++, Batch-scripting and JavaScript, in fact he owns them all ! He has achieved a lot of things in this industry but he asked me not to tell about anything specific. 

How we became friends is not a very long story, in fact thanks to Windows ! We met at the Windows 8 group in facebook and quickly became good friends. Well, you will know more about him as he writes. He has contact with Microsoft indirectly. I think everyone will like Pawan and his style of writing .I'm really happy to write with you Pawan :) Welcome to Tech O Blog.

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