Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Microsoft working on Windows 8.1 update 2 and Windows 9 !

It's no surprise that Microsoft has a good set of features in the next version of Windows. The Start menu and the ability to run Modern UI apps in the desktop shown in BUILD 2014 forms the main theme of next Windows update for Windows 8.

Uptake of Windows 8 was slow and Microsoft had to bring back some features which was considered as essential for non-touch users so they packed Windows 8.1 with lot of goodies and then they looked at consumer feedback and found that they needed to bring some more features, released Windows 8.1 update. That's how it has been till now and Microsoft is determined to deliver the best experience across multiple devices. The same experience doesn't fit in every device so they have decided to bring the familiar features for desktop users such as start menu which means that now Windows understands the type of device you have and automatically optimizes itself to give the most appropriate experience ! . That's going to be possible with Windows 8.1 update 2 though Windows 8.1 update brought the major changes with this concept in mind. It is expected to launch in August but there is no specific date, I guess it would happen on the patch Tuesday of August which lies August 12.

A report published by Bavo Luysterborg on myce.com and citing a document published on the web by Faikee, a Microsoft leaker who has a good track on providing information on new projects developed by the Redmond-based company, confirms the existence of Windows 9 at least as a developing product in Microsoft's lineup.But the features of Windows 9 are unknown, Cortana may make her way into her older cousin, Windows and there will be Windows 365 which will be the first completely cloud based version of Windows. Microsoft as usual did not say anything about this . More info about Windows 9 will make it's way later this year !

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